How to have a great social media profile? Personal Branding Tips

How to have a great social media profile? Personal Branding Tips

Ladies, before you start marketing yourself, do yourself a favour and go to your social media accounts now. Look at it as a whole, is it appealing? Look at it from a stranger’s point of view, does it look interesting? If your answer is either a “not sure” or a “no”, keep reading this.



Look, girls, we’re no longer living in the 2000s MSN era where the fancier and more complicated your name is, the cooler you are. No, no, no. We’re professionals, and we are not teenagers, so let’s ditch the whole fancy name spelling and adhere to proper spelling and grammar. If your name is Katie, go with Katie, not KaTiEee, KayHtEeEzz, or Ietak (Katie spelt backwards). Include your last name as well, so you appear to have more credibility.


Profile Picture

We know you love your dog, cat, hamster, piglet etc. but, come on girls, you’re not your pet. Upload a picture of yourself when it comes to your profile picture. Also, when we say a picture of yourself, we don’t mean artistic photos that don’t even show half your face! While we do appreciate the creative and aesthetic side of you, let’s keep that skill for later. A good profile picture is one that is by yourself (not a group photo) that has a clear view of your face, in a decent pose and dressed appropriately.


Cover Photo

If you’re familiar with Facebook, you’ll know what a cover photo is. Cover Photo is a banner-sized photo that you upload across the top of your Facebook account. A good cover photo would be a motivational quote that you like or live by. It can also be a video that is inspiring or related to your business. A good cover photo or video makes you look credible and professional, so don’t be tempted to put something irrelevant and try not to leave it on its default cover photo.


Your Bio

Here’s where you shine and grab the attention of those who landed on your social media. However, you don’t want to get too carried away and start writing your whole life story on your bio- not like there is enough character limit for you to neither. Think of it as something you’d pitch to someone if you were only given 15 seconds or less- like an elevator pitch!


Make it clear and direct what you do or what your business is. On Instagram, you can even add a link to your website, your hashtag, and also your other Instagram account- in this case, perhaps your business IG profile.


Make the best out of that limited character count and be creative about it!


If you need more help and guidance on how to build that professional and efficient social media profile, reach out to us! We have the most experience and social media knowledge to share with you!


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