Is Social Selling The Same As Social Media Marketing?

Is Social Selling The Same As Social Media Marketing?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about social media marketing and social media advertising. But what about social selling? Sounds familiar but not too sure if you can tell them all apart? Well, let’s help you with that.

To start, let’s clarify that social media marketing, social media advertising and social selling are all three very different and separate entities. If you haven’t heard of social selling nor incorporated it into your business, you’re missing out! But don’t worry, it’s never too late to start!

What is Social Selling?

You could be familiar or exposed to social media marketing more often than social selling, but how can you tell them both apart? Social selling is using social media to cultivate and connect with your sales prospects. Unlike social media marketing, social selling is more of a one-on-one relationship with your potential customers rather than a one-to-many type of broadcasting. It has become a social selling technique that replaced and ousted the old-school cold-calling method.

Social selling regularly takes place in social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook Business Page, Twitter and Pinterest. Social selling is also more of a salesperson thing than a marketing person thing.

When using the social selling technique, it requires building relationships with your potential clients and jumping in to provide solutions when it is the right time. It is not about broadcasting and bombarding your audience unnecessarily, aka spamming their feed. The approach is that you make yourself the solution. Imprint this in the minds of your prospects for future benefits.

Why Social Selling?

Unlike social media marketing and social media advertising, social selling does not require a lot of money- maybe even no money at all! Get an advocate to push the products, and you will be surprised at how much of a response it would rake in. You can even do it yourself if you want to promote or advocate your service or product. It requires little to no money spending when all you do is create an awareness of the brand.

When social selling technique is applied, it will somehow spark an interest in prospects who feel that they connect or possess a relationship with you.

For example, in light of the situation that the world is facing now- COVID-19- a lot of people resort to online shopping. Let’s say you have a product that could be useful and serviceable to specific prospects; social selling is the way to go. Post it up on your social media accounts and point out a few reasons why you’re using this plus benefits, and watch the response. The best part about this? You don’t need to spend any money for this advertisement.

Also, you’ll be getting repeating customers from these prospects. In a best-case scenario, these prospects love your products, and they would want to share it with their connections. There you go, more potential customers!

How do I start?

Be present

Yes, be there for your prospects! One thing you do not want to be is a robotic answering machine. There are tools out there that make your life easier, such as the automated response, but that makes you sound robotic and scripted. You want to be as personalised as possible to every prospect, so yes, reply to them personally!

Start building rapport and relationships when your prospects are the ones approaching you for more information. Be yourself and more human, so that your clients know you’re sincere and approachable.

Provide value

You want to provide value and insight when interacting with your prospects at the right time. Providing information that does not interest or feel relatable to your prospect will come off as being “pushy” and “pitchy”. You don’t want that.

You want to be the solution provider for your prospects and offer valuable information to them instead. Throw in your comment, suggestion or advice for an added personal value with your prospect. Find ways to establish relationships with each prospect because these prospects are not just your clients, but also your friends. You’d know them personally and what works with them.

A great salesperson is all about building relationships and credibility while providing the right solutions to the right people. An even better salesperson will follow up on and stay connected with their clients. Social selling does not hinder that in fact, it makes it easier to do all these. Cold calling is no longer relevant when you’ve developed social selling skills, all you need is your social media platforms and share away!

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